Happy customers

The payment is the most important process in every business. If the customer waits in long queue or faces declines of old card acceptance equipment he or she will never return to you.

Transparent and profitable business

It is a proved fact that the customers spend more money on bank cards and also this payment type is more transparent and personalized than other. Besides increased turnover, our solutions guarantee transparent transaction monitoring, accounting and due reporting.

Newest and hardly copied products

Once invented – most products and services are subject to copy. Making investments in the complex IT-infrastructure of processing / data center you get possibility to be one step ahead of the competition and offer your customers unique products hard to reproduce.


Uzbekistan digitalization

In the first quarter of 2020, Radian took part in projects in line with the global doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at digitalization processes in industrial sectors and agriculture and banking. We are following with great interest and attention the promising areas in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Technologies and methods applied by us... Read more

Why choose Radian-QS?

The main reasons to contact Radian-QS team:

  • We are professionals
    Our team consists of professionals well known in the market for successful experience in complex projects for integration of card processing, clearing and settlements systems, e-banking remote channels and data center constructions and launch.
  • Know-how protection guarantee
    Usually the products in the marked are easily copied by other players. It is not about our systems. Radian-QS performs tight integration into the infrastructure of the client which is simply impossible to copy. All the competitors are lag behind.
  • 'Turn-key' solutions
    It is easy to build the house from factory blocks, but without connection to electricity or sewage the inhabitants will not be happy. Radian-QS creates only working and properly certified solution, and also guarantee successfull pilot launch and baby-sitting period.
  • Comprehensive list of partners
    For some activities like construction of premises or security auditing we have a number of partners to cover this area. If required by project at your service will be the best companies in the marked proved their expertise in long term co-operation with Radian-QS.
Do you have any questions? Please contact Radian Quality Solution. Check all our services