11 April 2013
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Participation in annual FortConsult’s security conference in Kiev

Radian-QS participated in the annual international conference “Assets and risk management in the security standards requirements – theory and implementation practice” arranged by our partner – Fortconsult. The conference took place in the European University of Kyiv, 09-10 April 2013. About 65 persons from banks, processing companies, solution suppliers and regional organization visited this event.
The conference was conducted as three modular workshops: ATM Security, new security standard requirements, projects implementation and best practices. One of RQS members – Maxim Tigulev, Implementation and design leader, made the report under the title “Information security in the large integration projects. Implementation practices.” The main idea of the presentation is that information security is a key structure and the basis for the whole project and the questions of information security must be considered at any stages of project planning, designing and executions, to provide stable operation in face of external threads.
Full slideshow of the presentation in PDF format you may find here.

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