3 March 2020
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Uzbekistan digitalization

In the first quarter of 2020, Radian took part in projects in line with the global doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
aimed at digitalization processes in industrial sectors and agriculture and banking.
We are following with great interest and attention the promising areas in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Technologies and methods applied by us
allow successfully implement solutions not only in the payment industry, but also in geo-information services(GIS), electronic document management systems (EDMS, EDM)
and financial accounting systems (billing).
Today, in the context of the massive introduction of digital technologies, the use of advanced systems allows not only to introduce new demanded functionality in the market,
but also to optimize the use of the resource base. This is achieved thanks to high-precision diagnostic methods and the search for the causes of bottlenecks in complex integration systems.
Also in the I quarter of 2020, we successfully completed a technical audit of the banking system in one of the leading banks in the Republic of Uzbekistan as part of global digitalization in the republic and the introduction of new digital methods of customer service.

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