Radian Quality Solutions company has a wide experience in implementation of both large and small projects. But for every case we use the same project-oriented approch ensuring timely and cost-effective implementation. 

Below are the descriptions of works carried out during implementation of projects, which represents a full cycle from formation of business idea to practical realization of the project:

Project Origination

Increasing complexity of systems and implemented projects, demands not only technical competence, but also applications of the management methods adequate to complexity and the sizes of created systems. The most advanced technologies can not justify hopes if their introduction occurs without accurate comprehension of expected results and ways with which it is planned to reach them. read more

Pre-project survey and documentation

When starting large and complex projects, in order to achieve expected results in planned terms, usually more time is required to gather all demands in business, technical and operational areas, define project goals, scope and restrictions, estimate budget.  For such projects we recommend to arrange dedicated pre-project activities or pre-study project with a help of Radian-QS team. read more

Project Design

Every construction before building should be created on paper – and our solutions are not exception. In every of our projects we create the design of the future system including it’s location between and connection to existing or planned, internal or external systems, modules or providers. This architectural design will be implemented as a set of different perspectives and schemes. read more

Project or system setup management

To achieve project goals in agreed time frames and budget, every activity related to project conduction or system set-up should be properly managed. Radian-QS team has large experience in project management. In a row of projects our company was chosen as general contractor responsible for all project activities and subordinate participants. We lead projects according to PMBOK.  read more

Support of projects from the origination to an introduction stage

Working with Radian-QS team, you benefit from the experience that comes with practical managers who pay close attention to details. “That’s good enough” is not in our vocabulary. The Project team is your point of contact for the duration of the work, managing the process from pre-project studies, to baby-sitting after pilot launch. Dedicated PM is always available for any enquiries. read more

Working out of the detailed project plan

Even for small projects, a period of planning is necessary to ensure successful achievement of the goals. But it may work only if a number of highly motivated and result-oriented people are involved. But starting of any other activities with no firm blueprint of action is straight way to failure. In project management, effective planning is fundamental to deliver a project on time and on budget. read more

Inspection of existing infrastructure

If the project is connected to update or modifications of current production systems of a client, existing environment should be reviewed and analyzed. The goal of this inspection is to have clear picture and make the client aware of the scope of enhancements which should be performed during the project and which influence will these works have on project activities, duration and budget. read more

Building and engineering system construction management

According to the legislation of Russian Federation, all activities, starting from premises design and ending with construction works, should be performed by certified legal entities with proper licenses in place. Moreover the results should undergo the inspection from a row of government bodies and the exploitation acceptance should be granted. Anyway Radian-QS can help with mentioned issues. read more

Vendors short-listing and tender carrying out

Radian-QS is vendor independent company, our members have experience in working with most processing systems in the market and are able to analyze client’s inputs and recommend the best solution for particular customer needs. But if the client wants to take benefits of open vendor selection, to assure transparent, clear and professionally motivated supplier selection we can arrange tendering procedure. read more

Business-process modelling

Business-process modeling (BPM) is important part of every project. Clear picture of what staff of client is doing, what systems they are using to handle information flows, what is action sequence in case of success or failure – everything is shown on process models. Radian-QS members are skilled in creation of consistent Event-driven Process Chains (EPC-models) of client’s business processes. read more

Methodology and client’s instructions

The EPC business-process models, developed during project and approved by client are clearly describing all actions of client’s staff while servicing new products, including steps in situations of errors and failures. This makes the model excellent basis for writing of internal instructions and manuals. Radian-QS is ready to help client with creation of drafts but not with documents themselves. read more


Any product developed within the project and related to card payments processing – acquiring, issuance or settlement, requires certification at International Payments Schemes (IPS).

According to Visa and MasterCard rules, every new activity or service should be approved by IPS. Radian-QS have large expertise in conducting certifications within different payment system environments and connections. read more

Financial Modeling

Every business works to generate income for it’s owners. So all innovations implemented should not only be nice-to-have or state-of-the-art, but should increase business efficiency and profitability. Radian-QS solutions combine features of harmonious architecture and seamless integration with new client’s experience and profit. To prove this our specialists create transparent financial models. read more

Testing and Acceptance Criteria

For every system implemented clear acceptance procedure should be established allowing client to understand whether the new system works as planned. This is most important in case of complex integration because if every module works well in standalone mode and not correctly with other modules the project is definitely not finished. Special testing procedures and reports are developed by Radian-QS team. read more


Operational security as the key element for card processing business. The risk is very high, because occasional violation can lead to serious losses and close the business forever. Every processing center should be certified by independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for industry PCI DSS standard before first production run and further validation of compliance is done annually. read more