Project Origination

To be successful, every project should be carefully prepared. At the groung of every project there is always a document which is called Project initiation document or PID. This document contains all customer’s requirements to the system implemented from business side, technical side, project scope, out of scope, desired time frames, limitations, budgets, project management and reporting structure. This document is used by all project’s stackeholders to formally open a project, provide financing and resources. After project opening PID is the leading reference document for all project participants.

We offer service for preparation of PID, during which we perform interview to client, gather all requirements and demands, define project scope and limitations, calculate project term estimations and required resourcers, create high-level project plan, define project management and reporting structure.

As the result of this stage customer will get: final project implementation document, approved with customer’s officials. This PID is ready for the next stage – official project opening.