Pre-project survey and documentation

Before start of large projects we strongly recommend to arrange pre-project activities, which will help client to better define key parameters of the project and gather information required for project opening. While pre-project survey Radian-QS members will interview key personnel of your company and reveal current business processes. During further interaction to customer we will perform gap analysis and define business process, technical areas which are in scope of the project. We will define systems which will be replaced or updated during project, set potential integration directions, and also new areas for development and enhancements. Financial modeling of the new business may also be provided upon agreement. As a result of pre-study our client will have clear understanding on what benefits he will receive after project completion and will know the ways how this will be reached and estimated budget. After pre-study completion our client will have all information required for creating Project Initiating Document (PID) and immediate opening of the project.