Inspection of existing infrastructure

Most of project delivered by Radian-QS team are innovative, but often our clients starting new business have some existing infrastructure in place. This may be for example server room, data-center premises with some surrounding systems like main and reserve power supply, fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, heating and cooling equipment, access control devices. Our client may have internal policies for hardware equipment purchase, for server or system software usage, security management and other regulations.

During pre-study or on initial stage of a project our team prepares client’s environmental questionnaire which is aimed to better understand the ground for project to start from.

We also visit data-center premises of a client and check it for compliance to industrial security standards, choose the best location for server racks.

After study of the filled table we understand the gaps which must be closed after project completion and systems to be adopted to comply with security standards, including PCI DSS.