Vendors short-listing and tender carrying out

If policies of a client require open and transparent selection of suppliers, Radian-QS can arrange tender procedure in the areas of our expertise which includes but not limited to: card processing core systems, card acquiring equipment (ATM, POS and kiosks), card personalization hardware (embossers , printers), personalization bureau services, settlement bank services, server and telecomm equipment, communication providers, etc.

Usually the selection process is the following. Our specialists suggest a long-list of suppliers, which is approved with a client and then is being cut out to short-list. Together with client we prepare the document which is called Request For Proposal (RFP) which is intended to be sent to candidates from short-list. RFP is sent to vendors, the answers and proposals are gathered and analyzed by our team and client.

To assure transparent and clear supplier selection we create comparison document which is called Decision Making Matrix (DMM) which contains parameters of solution, weight of the parameter for client, evaluation mark by participating experts for each parameter related to proposal of the vendor. Marks of all experts are averaged. Matrix calculates weights of the parameters and marks, and then provides total mark for a proposal. The proposal with the maximum mark – wins tender.