Business-process modeling

In general, any project usually is the process of moving from state A to state B. In order to have a common understanding of how the client is working and what changes will take place inside client’s business it is very useful to utilize modeling. Radian-QS is using simplified version of Event-driven Process Chains (EPC-diagrams) to describe process flows within client’s business. If the client has some current business in place Radian-QS members perform interview of key staff of the client and create As-Is process model, which is approved with client. As a next step we analyze requirements of client and develop the model of the new processes (so called To-Be model). This model is also approved with client. The difference between these models and the way how to modify business processes to the state B – is the essence of the project. Based on To-Be models the updates to the systems are performed and the models will form ground for internal instructions of the client (see Methodology section).