While developing of new product or service in the area of card processing – starting new card product, installing new type of acceptance device, or changing of settlement bank – requires approval from Visa or MasterCard. In common short process looks as following: member send to IPS representative the request for project opening. IPS opens project, assigns to it project number, project manager and engineer. If this is required, IPS provides questionnaires, which should be filled in. Member fills-in tables and sends them back to IPS. When filled questionnaire is received, IPS reserves time slot for testing. At the day of testing member performs actions and reports results to IPS. In case of successful tests, member is granted the right to the product, if not – member is obliged to correct its system and re-test. It is necessary to note that certification processes are time and budget consuming and almost always lay on project’s critical path. This means that in order to avoid extra costs and assure project to be finished in time all certification tests should be carefully prepared.

With a Radian-QS help clients get:

  • quick and correct form filing;
  • detailed instructions to all participants on preparation and testing;
  • support during any stages of tests;
  • support during reporting;
  • high probability of successful test.