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We develop and implement information systems for banks and retailers with a focus on unified payments and big data processing.

Radian Quality Solutions

Radian-QS was founded to provide services for the development and implementation of services in the field of card payment processing, payment systems, modern payment technologies, and remote customer service. The key employees of our company are well known as participants and direct executors of a number of major projects in the Russian market.

We have learned a lot in over 10 years of our company history. Today, we have not only become professionals in the field of payment technologies, but also learned, based on an analysis of the client’s existing activities, to conduct a comprehensive audit of business processes, architecture and functionality of IT systems, procedures for exchanging, processing and storing data, information security, processes of interaction with external companies and private clients. After a comprehensive analysis, together with the customer, we can modernize the work of the organization by creating high-tech IT systems, improve the level of customer service and loyalty, digitalize the management, accounting and accounting tasks of the company.

What makes us different?

Data is the “new oil”, and therefore the depth of system integration, as well as the completeness and speed of data processing, directly affect the quality of modern business and life. Proper digitalization (integration) can significantly reduce overhead costs, improve the quality, completeness and speed of services.

We can work both off-line with data arrays and with on-line data (including payments). We develop solutions that will make your customers happy, spend money more efficiently and encourage them to come back to you again.

Our main advantage is that we give our customers customized solutions, ready to go and fully integrated with existing infrastructure.

What can we do?

The experience of our employees allows us to provide quality services in related areas, such as:

  • Project management including crisis management
  • System or complex audit of the company
  • Integrated design of system architecture and IT architecture
  • Development and implementation of remote customer service systems
  • Information security of infrastructure (physical and logical)
  • Digitalisation projects management
  • Management of internal and external system integration processes
  • Implementation of turnkey solutions in the field of payment technologies
  • Development and launch of local payment systems and payment collection systems
  • Software development
  • Consulting services

If it is required within the framework of the project, or is the wish of the client, we can involve specialists from our subsidiaries or partner companies.

Press about us

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Cartes Exibition 2015

Article by Radian CEO in PLUS magazine dedicated to Cartes 2015. In English “The Russian market of comprehensive/E2E IT projects: the integrator’s view”. The article reflects our vision of the market situation in 2015 and the impact that unfavorable economic and geopolitical factors have on business.

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National Banking Journal, №04, 2013

Together with our partner, FortConsult, we have published an article about fraud at ATMs and retail outlets in the light of the latest technological advances, as well as software and hardware to combat it.

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FUETE magazine, №01, 2013

An article about fraud in ATMs, terminals and methods of dealing with it, written by our partner Alexei Grebenyuk (FortConsult) in co-authorship with Maxim Tigulev (Radian-QS) was published in the Ukrainian magazine FUETE – Financial Services. Electronic technologies.

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National Banking Journal, №12, 2012

This release of the National Banking Journal contains an interview with the Executive Director of the Radian company E. Novikov, in which he talks about the project of building a processing solution for AUCHAN and its impact on the market of non-cash payments.

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Retail & Loyalty, №06, 2012

Retal & Loyalty magazine published an article by independent expert I. Demchev, which explains the details of the work of a merchant using the Merchant Direct Connection (MDC) technology and the prospects that this new technology opens up for Russia.

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About new technologies in retail trade. Program heroes: Igor Boyko, board member of D8 Corporation and Evgeny Novikov, executive director of Radian-QS. Moderator: Vasily Bogdanov.